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The Cherokee lodge is for those who want to know and learn more about their Native American heritage.

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Settle into the lodge and relax for you are now among friends, brothers and sister of the Cherokee and other Native American tribes. This group was created to learn about Native American culture, history, new, how to's and just plain fun. All Articles do not have to deal with the Cherokee or Native Americans that is the primary goal but it is good to have fun bond and share. I would like to say that I want to keep the federal government and political articles out of the group. So feel free to post an original article or a seeded article of your liking. This group will become as successful as you the members make the group. One last thing I have received some emails stating that they would like to join but they are not Native American. That is alright this group is for everyone we are all one people as the four winds east, south west and north blow over Mother Earth so do the four colors of man red/east, south/yellow, west/black, north/white walk her ground and should live in peace with each other. I open my lodge to brothers and sisters of all color and culture Wa-doe and O'siya your friend U ga yu la tsv A wi i na ge e he: Aged deer